Corazon Turns 25

Help us raise $500,000 for our 25th Anniversary!

We hope you will take action to support our “Get 25 to Give $25″ campaign! Together we can move mountains. While $25 dollars may not sound like much, we have done the math and with our collective power we believe we can raise $500,000! Will you help us?

We’re asking every Corazon supporter to encourage and inspire 25 people in their circle to make a donation of $25. We also encourage and welcome greater gifts and matching gifts if anyone has interest in being a multiplier in our “Get 25 to Give $25” campaign. No gift is too small! Please join us in honoring the last 25 years by joining us and ensuring we meet our goal this year. We are so very grateful for you. Please click link below to donate and share this link to inspire others.