Deborah’s House


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Our Mission


Deborah’s House supports women who have completed an in-patient program for their ongoing recovery from the disease of addiction by providing a safe sober-living home, spiritual mentoring and modeling of life skills for their continued success.

Service Opportunity

Seeking Board Members & Mentors

Deborah’s House is looking for several board members from Travis Park Church to serve on the board of this wonderful ministry. The board meets on a monthly basis to plan events and fundraisers for the support of the organization.

Additionally, we are looking for women who will serve as Mentors to the residents. All you need is some time, an open heart and compassion for this role.  If you are interested or need additional information please email Deborah’s House.


About Us

After a woman has completed treatment for addiction, she needs a home where she has accountability and support to stay sober, build healthy relationships, and work on her skills to enable her to find and retain gainful employment. Deborah’s House provides a safe, structured home-like environment for women transitioning from treatment for substance abuse to a life of self-sustainable confidence. Female mentors share compassionate guidance with each woman while supporting her spiritual, personal, and professional growth until she is ready to face the world on her own.

Our Vision

At Deborah’s House, we envision a world where each and every woman can reach her greatest potential and be the woman she was created to be. Substance abuse and addiction rob women of the ability to maintain steady employment, healthy relationships with family and friends, and productive lives.

Transforming Women’s Lives

Deborah’s House was named after one of the greatest woman leaders in the Old Testament (Book of Judges). In addition to being brave, Deborah was also a very wise woman. Meeting in the shade of a palm tree, Deborah provided counsel and settled disputes for the people in her village. The palm tree symbolizes an oasis, and that is what we want to provide for our residents as they work toward healthy, successful lives.

When space allows, Deborah’s House is available to women who have completed a 30-day inpatient residential treatment program (with a recommendation from their counselor)  and do not have a safe home to return to. Located in central San Antonio, our ten-bed home includes a beautiful kitchen, four bedrooms, a study area, and two large common areas.

Eligible Resident

Any woman who is recommended by her counselor upon completion of a residential treatment program and who is committed to finding meaningful employment and transforming her life.

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The Program

Residents will stay at Deborah’s House while continuing their outpatient recovery and practicing life skills as they pursue full-time work or school.  With faith-based mentoring and an environment of structure and accountability, women addicts are more likely to continue the journey of healing. Spiritual growth in a home church will build social and spiritual networks for a lifetime. A volunteer mentor, trained specifically for this ministry, will give support and personal attention to each resident. Having looked at the research, Deborah’s House believes that ongoing recovery is possible when four underlying goals are met:

  1. Sobriety

Through completion of a drug and/or alcohol treatment program, recommendation from a counselor,  ongoing attendance at 12-step meetings, and actively working the steps with a sponsor.

  1. Safety

Through having a safe place to call home. Residents are not required to pay rent for the first month. After the first month, rent is $400 per month. Residents who are attending school or training programs may qualify for a discount on their rent.

  1. Spirituality

Through exploration of the mind-body-spirit connection by meeting weekly with a spiritual mentor  to go through a faith-based, 12-step book that illustrates how the gospel principles in the Twelve Steps can free anyone from any addiction, and by participating weekly in a faith community of the resident’s choice.

  1. Solvency

Through obtaining employment and/or training that provides a living wage and true self-sufficiency, Deborah’s House provides the space and the time to rebuild and transform lives.